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What To Expect

Since 2016, I’ve worked with clients large and small producing a variety of projects, including photography, design and illustration projects. I mainly work with businesses direct but am also hired by event and music agencies. All of our services are individually tailored and bespoke to each project and each client, but we like to follow a similar simple process for all…

1. Let’s Chat

Firstly, we will chat about your vision, requirements and initially brainstorm your project. We create a brief containing instructions and deliverables to outline the work and what will be produced. The brief is used as a guide and is referred to many times throughout a project.

2. Let’s Get To Work

We then go through an in-depth discovery phase. A clear understanding of you, your product, your customers and objectives must be understood.

Design, photography and creative media when used effectively is a powerful business tool and will attract, educate or inform people about your brand. Effective creativity is both research-based and focussed on delivering the message in the best possible way.

3. Let’s Get Creative

We then get to work! After discussion we select the concept which best answers the brief. Revision, amend, tweak, tweak, approve, sign-off. 


Heel Turn, Sad For Life Records, Heelapalooza, Basecamp, Pink Tide, Whale Hill, Travis Shaw, Thought Trumpet,  Dead Naked Hippies, Fang Night, Celebrate Everything and many more!

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